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Calgary Society for Healthy Child Development

The Calgary Society for Healthy Child Development is a charitable organization founded in 1998. We engage in activities that help families develop the skills they need to ensure their children grow up healthy and strong.

Our Vision: All children achieve optimal development.

Our Mission: The Calgary Society for Healthy Child Development seeks to increase awareness how parents, grandparents, extended family, and childcare providers can promote healthy childhood development, through the ages of birth to 6 years.  

Our History

Twenty-Five Years

In 2022 our Society marked 25 years; the pandemic prevented a celebration event.   To mark the accomplishments, we wrote a history of the origins and evolution of Calgary Society for Healthy Child Development.   If you are interested, the full document is available 25 Years

In 1997 a group of visionary men and women, all involved in some aspect of children’s services, began their quest to develop a program of prevention and early intervention for children at risk.  They began with a literature review, calling attention to the life-altering consequences of toxic stress on healthy child development; putting these children at risk for learning, behaviour, physical and mental health challenges.   Although the literature review was completed in 2003, the information remains relevant today.  To read the full review, click Prime Time Research, 2003.

Through persistence, they raised funds for a demonstration project (2007-2010) to show the effectiveness of an in-home prevention program, working with high-risk families.  This was the beginning of the Prime Time program; so named because these early months/years were the prime time for intervention.   The Prime Time program, offered by carya Calgary, continues today.

Continuing the Mission

Through fund raising, the Society continues to provide some financial support to the Prime Time program.  The Society also offers education and awareness of the critical importance of early childhood development, based on neuroscience of the rapidly developing brain.
Bookmark the Articles page to find topics of current interest for parents, grandparents, and childcare educators. Check out the Resources for Early Child Development.

Education Events

  • 2019 How to Support Your Child Using the 5T’s. with Kamal Chopra-Bhamra, M.Ed., B.G.S. and B. Ed.
  • 2021 Parenting: The Good, The Hard, and The Science of it. with Gail Smillie, M.Ed. CCC

Our Board

The work of the Calgary Society of Healthy Child Development is governed by the Board of Directors.

All our board members are passionate about the importance of all children being given the opportunity to grow healthy and strong. 

2023 Board Members

Sheena Mills, Chair
Colin Richardson, Past Chair
Preet Khinda, Treasurer
Maureen Osis, Secretary
Taorid Ashiru, Director
Chris Beatty, Director
Dan O’Connor, Director
Onyinye Odih, Director
Nexhmie Sulejmani, Director

Join Our Board

Want to build your volunteer Board experience?

Calgary Society for Healthy Child Development is looking for individuals who support the importance of healthy early child development. The term of a Director is three years, with an option to renew. It includes a commitment to attend 3-5 Board meetings/year. Currently, the meetings are virtual. Board experience is appreciated but not required.
The main activities of the Board include:
* raising funds for the Prime Time program
* education and awareness through research-based information on our website and social media.

We welcome these skills:
* experience using social media (currently Instagram and Facebook)
* accounting and financial practice for the role of Treasurer
* experience with website design and maintenance
* experience as web editor (posting content)
* experience with fund-raising
* experience planning small education events (online and/or in-person)

Interested? Please contact us for more information.

Contact us: admin@healthychildyyc.ca

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