Through our collaboration with Carya, we’re able to ensure that 98% of the funds we raise support in-home coaching, evaluation and promoting the importance of early childhood development. We’re proud of our track record which includes:

  • Improved secure attachment (as defined by the Attachment Scale)
  • Increased knowledge and utilization of community resources (as indicated by the Ecomap)
  • Reduced stress levels and increased self-confidence in parents (as defined by the Parenting Stress Index)
  • Improved social-emotional development in the child (as measured by the Ages and Stages Questionnaire)
  • Success in making the home conducive to nurturing the child and setting appropriate boundaries (as defined by the Home Environment Scale)
  • Reducing parental depression (as measured by the Edinburgh Depression Inventory)

Watch & Listen

Learn more about the Prime Time program from the coaches who help parents learn the skills they need to help their children grow.

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