The Prime Time Program

Prime Timecarya is an in-home coaching and skills-building program that helps Calgary families with children from birth to six years of age. It’s offered at no cost to participants.

The goal of the program is to enhance the health, competency and well-being of vulnerable young children and their families.

Establish a solid parenting foundation that will help your family thrive

Nobody is born ready to deal with everything that parenthood entails. If your parenting journey has you feeling stressed out, isolated or overwhelmed, Prime Time program is here to help.

Prime Time is an in-home program that works with expecting parents and parents with children ages six and under. We provide practical coaching and help you learn parenting skills that build confidence, allowing you to enjoy the early childhood experience with your little ones.

Prime Time can help you:

  • understand health and nutrition for your child
  • develop family routines
  • learn how to soothe and comfort your child
  • understand and meet your child’s developmental needs
  • bond with your child through contact and play
  • connect with community resources for ongoing support.


Prime Time is a free program open to anyone living in Calgary

If you or someone you know lives in Calgary, has a child under six, and is feeling overwhelmed or stressed as a parent, phone the intake line at 403-269-9888.

There is no charge.

The Prime Time Program is administered by Carya Calgary. Carya provides individuals and families with a full spectrum of interactive counselling and development services for people of all ages — from babies to youth to older adults.

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